2022 Begins

Off to a good start this year. Getting out on the water January 2nd for a few hours with a new friend. Weather was clear and cool, water temps elevated from 39F in the mid morning to 42 by the time we called it quits. Hooked and landed exactly one rainbow out of a small run that Jim was kind enough to let me take the first crack at. The majority of the day was spent exploring and looking for spots for when the days are longer and warmer and the trout more active.

Fished the Tenakarabum 40 for the day since it was all nymphing. The trout pictured was caught on a 16 rainbow warrior with a silver tungsten bead. Not bad for the first outing of the year. Still trying to figure out best combinations of line length and tippet length. Spent most of the day with a line about 16 foot or so and 4 ft of tippet.

Now we will be hunkering down for a some pretty heavy rains that have been forecasted for the week. Some potential relief next weekend so I may be able to get out and fish on Sunday. Fingers crossed.


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