Kebari and Photography

With fishing out of the question in my area for the past few weeks or so due to heavy winter rain and snow storms i’ve turned to my two favorite winter pastimes, tying flies and photography.

Gnarly fly

I have long had a passion for photography but when it comes to photographing flies I always struggled to produce anything that appealed to me. I decided this year to put a little more time and effort into documenting my fly tying in a way that visually appealed to me and satisfied that creative itch.

Wabi sabi
Jason Klass inspired yarn kebari

I have definitely simmered down on the photography hobby now that I have resumed fishing as often as I do. With that came the unloading/selling off of a ton of camera gear leaving me with a pretty bare bones system to work with. My only regret has been selling off my dedicated macro lenses. To make do I am left with using my few lenses from the lensbaby company and macro extension tubes. While not quite as “macro” as a true 1:1 macro lens it gets the job done and forces me to focus more on creatively capturing the image as opposed to a technically precise photograph. I am happy with the early results and am looking forward to more experimentation.

Polar bear Pass Lake Special

Most of these kebari are ties inspired by Jason Sparks and his “gnarly fly” split hackle style. I through in a few pics of some beautiful mountain stream rainbows for good measure. Hopefully their friends will be seeing these patterns soon.

Ishigaki Kebari

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