1st outing of 2023

Other than a few trips to the stocked pond by my work I recently (Jan 13th) had my first day on the water to kick the new year off. Temps have been mild compared to last year with daily highs topping 50 degrees.

Dark and stormy

I have not been on the water much this winter. A combination of high, blown out conditions and my general lack of enthusiasm to go drag the bottom with heavy nymph rigs has kept my looking for other ways to combat cabin fever.

1st wild native trout of 2023

Last summer from a fishing standpoint was pretty fantastic. I really got to hone in on traditional tenkara techniques utilizing unweighted flies and subtle manipulations. What a fun and rewarding way to fish. The downside is now I dont really want to fish anyway else. So when I have been out on the water this winter ive kept my rigs simple. Straight level lines, no sighter and one soft hackle wet fly with a small bead head when needed. My goal is to keep the rigs light enough to cast and capable of responding well to manipulations. I know I could catch a lot more fish with other methods but I think after 30+ years of fly fishing/tenkara ive finally reached a point where how I catch fish is more important than how many. Its very satisfying to me to fish in this manner.

Vanishing waterfall

The fishing was fairly slow on the day with 2 trout landed, one lost in about 4 hrs of fishing. Not a bad start and not bad for winter in Oregon. Looking forward to what other adventures will present themselves soon.

Fish #2

Also hoping to get back to regular posting on the blog and utilizing it more as a trip journal as well. I got off to a good start with regular writing last year but life, divorce, other obligations had other plans for me. Back on track now though and I still appreciate the few people that actually read these posts!

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