Quick Trip 1-22-2023

Not a bad outing last Sunday. On the water between 10 AM and 2 PM. Weather was in the 40’s and with no wind and a bit of sun was quite pleasant. Fishing was decent and even managed 2 fish on dry flies during a little black winter stonefly hatch as well as catching a few on wet flies using manipulation tactics. I was not expecting the fish to be so active! Did use the nymph rig a bit and managed to break a 3rd rod out of the last 4 trips! That shit is getting old! Another reason I am slowly getting away from nymphing and utilizing more and more traditional tenkara methods even when it is not nearly as productive. The longer I do this the more I find satisfaction in how I catch a fish, not so much as how many. Winter nymphing is no doubt highly productive but it is also monotonous, the rigs are irritating and I just don’t get much joy out of it anymore. There is no surprise in catching a trout with euro nymphing techniques. I am also finding that my preferred techniques still work in winter. I just don’t feel the need to catch every trout in the river anymore. I will probably expand on that topic in writing at another time.

My friend Mike working through a run.
Always something interesting on the dry lake bed.
The perpetrator that broke my new rod.
Happy to catch fish like this any day.
Lake run beauty looking like a steelhead.

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