1st Bluegill of the year

Last Sunday evening I took a quick drive up to the local reservoir by my home to see if anything was going on. The wind was substantial which did not bode well for my 15’ seiryu rod. The Daiwa Seiryu 45X is a brilliant rod in the right conditions but it does not play nice in the wind. I was able to find a small sheltered little cove where I was able to make a few casts. On about the third cast, before my stiff hackled wet fly had a chance to sink an energetic bluegill smashed it. As small as this fish was it still but a pretty good bend in the willowy seiryu rod. The fish had some beautiful blue and yellow hues and was a nice way to end the weekend as well as kill some time while waiting for the run off flows of spring to calm down.

A beautiful little specimen
The Daiwa Seiryu 45X. A great match for the diminutive local bluegill
The small cove sheltered from the wind
Futsu Kebari
Palm sized pan fish
Lonely grill

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