The joys of winter

We have had pretty intense weather around here the last few weeks. Several feet of snow followed by warm weather and inches of rain produced flooding events all over. Had a nice break in the weather today and against my better judgement ventured out in an attempt to fish. Ive recently purchased the Sagi model rod from Zen Tenkara and wanted to play around with it a bit.

Getting nasty with it

I spent about 15 minutes on the bank debating if I should climb in my waders and rig up ultimately choosing to do so. As a neared the water several large logs floating by told me to stay out of the water. I found the only slowish piece of water I could safely access and rigged up a very heavy two fly rig. The Sagi handled this with ease and I spent a little time just getting to know it better. With that out of my system I milled around a little doing some iphoneography before calling it a day.

Trying to capture the mood of the day. Drab, chilly winter.
Usually bone dry
Catch of the day. A tungsten wooly bugger is in there somewhere
Better luck next timeā€¦

Old Timey

I’ve been chipping away at this series for awhile. The goal was to make little square prints of kebari that were processed to look like they came from an old weathered book. I am still refining it a little as the longer I look at these the more they seem a bit overdone. All of these were shot on an iphone12 and processed using the Snapseed app. Printed on matte paper they look are close to achieving the look I’m after.