Hobbies Combined

When it comes to photography I am never trying to capture a scene exactly how it was. I like to create these images in a way that I want to remember them. I have a very colorful imagination and my memories are often vivid. I want to remember how I felt at these places. I process these to reflect my interpretation of the day, not so much as it was but how I want it to stay in my mind.

I think tenkara and photography pair together well. I’ve found since starting tenkara that the majority of the time I am much more unhurried and relaxed on the water. It’s a very mellow way to fish and as such I find that I spend more time just hiking around, taking the odd photo and mostly just enjoying the fact that I am outdoors. I’ll still have days that are all business and I fish hard but they are seeming to be the exception.

I spent around 8 years where I really didn’t fish much at all. Maybe a half dozen times a year max, much often less. That time was spent pursuing landscape photography when I had the chance to get outside for awhile. I had traded my fly rods for cameras but I still found myself in the same places. Creeks, rivers, streams. The ocean as often as possible. I just love being around water.

Eventually I just sort of fizzled out. I felt like I had pretty much accomplished all I wanted to do and no longer felt the creative drive I once did. I’ve amassed a pretty huge body of work and I am very proud of a lot of it. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but it brought me significant joy as an artistic outlet for a long time.

So these days I still pursue it but only if I am out doing other things like fishing or hiking. I also don’t shlep around all the gear and equipment anymore. I am much more likely to just bring the iPhone instead of a dedicated camera body although I sometimes still do. I learned over time that the camera gear makes very little difference when images are displayed at web sizes. All the images in this post are a mix. From iPhone to point and shoots to high resolution full frame dslrs.

I am now lucky to have several hobbies that I am passionate about and can combine together. If the weather isn’t conducive to fishing or if it is slow I can always fall back on photography and still enjoy the quality time in the mountains. I can look forward to days where the fishing is good and I get a few keepers in the portfolio. Another plus side is tenkara gear is a hell of a lot cheaper than camera equipment!

2 thoughts on “Hobbies Combined

    1. The phone cameras these days are very capable. They even have a few advantages for landscape photos like infinite depth of field. Ive been shooting heavily with a phone camera since the iphone 3 and have learned a lot about its strengths and limitations. A lot can be gained in the processing of them as well. Ive become really familiar with a few apps that more or less replicate anything id normally do in photoshop. For the most part its contrast adjustments and dodging and burning just on the computer instead of the dark room. I’ll attach a link to one of my flickr albums that is entirely shot and processed on an iphone.

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